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Kuber Kunji 6pc set

Kuber Kunji 6pc set
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Gold Plated Kuber Kunji

1. When Lord Kuber is pleased, He blesses the person with success and wealth
2. The chances of winning wealth through lotteries etc. is increased
3. No matter how much you spend, money will always keep flowing in provided the wealth is used for constructive and good purposes and not for destructive or anti-social activities.

A) Gold Plated Kuber Kunji - This key should be placed where you keep your money like cash box, cupboard (almirah), office drawers etc.

B) Gold Plated Kunji Pendant - This should be worn by the earning member of the family

C) Kuber Idol – Place it in your mandir

D) Kuber Photo Frame – Place it in your mandir

E) Kuber Yantra – Place it in the north corner of your home as that is the disha (direction) of kuber. You can also put it in your wallet or purse. By placing it in the north of your home, it will bring wealth in your house

F) Charan Paduka – Place it in your mandir

G) Kuber Mantra's CD - if you don’t know the mantras while performing the sthapana of Kuber Kunji, the Kuber CD & Kuber Mantra Pustika will help you

H) Kuber Brochure - It informs you in detail about the Kuber Kunji pack & God Kuber.





HSN: 71131130

GST Rate: 3%

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Kuber Kunji 6pc set
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