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Terms & Conditions


  • Shopping with HomeShop80 ensures availability of a diverse range of products not easily available through conventional retail channels and at competitive prices. Products are sourced from manufacturers only after verifying their credentials, and that their products meet with international quality and safety standards. We have a uniform sales price across the country and you can therefore rely on.
  • All HomeShop80 customers will be asked to provide personal details. It is the responsibility of the customer / purchaser to ensure that details provided for the purpose of ordering products from us are correct and that customer / purchasers have the necessary credit limits and/or authority to use the credit or debit card concerned.
  • The products as per purchase order placed will be dispatched at the address of the purchaser within 15 days of receipt and confirmation of order. However the delivery date may vary, depending on serviceability factors. Please contact our customer services department for more details.
  • Acceptance of orders and delivery of product is subject to availability of stock. In case of ordering several products and if all are not available in stock, products will be dispatched as per availability of stock and information of non availability of stock will be intimated to the customer within 30 days from the date when order was placed. If stock is replenished by HomeShop80 , a fresh date of delivery will be as proposed as a delivery date or otherwise if possible; by consent of the customer / purchaser, other products of the same value will be delivered in substitution. If payment has already been received as per purchase order, and if such goods are out of stock and customer does not wish to take other product in substitution and are not waiting till the stock is available, money received will be refunded to the customer within 24 hours from receipt of instructions from customer. Please see FAQ section for more details.
  • We offer Warranty on all serviceable products up to 6 months. Our fully equipped service center at HomeShop80, Bani Park, Jaipur with trained manpower takes care of all servicing needs during the warranty period, as well as after expiry of the warranty period.
  • Customers are advised to read carefully all safety information printed either on the packaging, or in any leaflets that may be included with the product. It is further advised that in case of electrical products, always check the power cable and plug for any signs of damage and consult a qualified electrician. Never attempt to repair any product yourself..
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that the information supplied is correct at time of uploading on the website. By purchasing products from us, you agree to these terms of sale. HomeShop80 has the right to revise these terms and conditions including prices at any time without prior notice. HomeShop80 also has the right to decline service to any individual customer.
  • The terms and conditions mentioned at the reverse side of our invoice and Delivery Challan (DC) are to be read along with these terms and form a part hereof.
  • You agree to comply by governing/applicable laws, statutory regulations requirement from time to time.
  • This content may contain errors, omissions or typographical errors or may be out of date. HomeShop80 may change/delete/update at any time without prior notice. Content is on an informational basis & is no way binding to HomeShop80 at all.
  • HomeShop80 does not grant you or any person right to use/reproduce/copy/transmit/display/publish/sell/license/create derivative works/publicly perform or distribute by any means, method or process whatsoever, not known or hereafter developed any of content on or transmitted through HomeShop80 services, including without limitation by transferring, downloading, or otherwise copying any content on to any disk drive or other storage medium. Any use of content, except as specifically permitted in these terms or as otherwise expressly permitted in the content or in a writing signed by HomeShop80 , is strictly prohibited.